Thursday, 24 December 2015

A fishing year 2015


Lure caught Perch 3lb 10oz
Perch 3lb 3oz on worm
Chub 5lb 3oz with half a tail on bread.
Chub 5lb 1oz on bread from a remote spot.
5lb 11oz Chub after a 4lb 14oz fish, both on bread.

One of several modest Pike on Lamprey
Big Perch taken on a lure, how big we'll never know.
Part of a big catch of Roach from local drain
The best Chub of the month at 5lb 7oz.

The face tells you I had just lost a monster.
Loads of small Pike again, the river twenty eluded me all winter.

A mint Chub of 4lb 15oz
5lb 5oz
5lb 6oz
2lb 10oz Perch from the forgotten lakes.
Early Tench, not big but from a tough venue.

The relatively modest highlight of a terrible month specimen-wise.

Lure caught Perch 2lb 15oz
Tempted a few on worms too.
The wonderful Pitsford. Started off small......
Ended up big! 22lb 8oz.

The Smoothounds arrived and I caught my first one.
Great fun too.
Getting bigger.
10lb 14oz PB
8lb 10oz River Bream

My first ever Bass.
4lb 10oz PB
A surprise 14lb PB Grass Carp.

Got embroiled in a species hunt.
Another one from the hunt.
The Holy Grail, a 2lb river roach.

Best one from a two-day Rutland trip.


3lb 2oz on worm.

3lb 4oz
Lure caught double.
Toft Newton

Grafham 11lb Zander and PB.
New venue, second cast 3lb 1oz
Rogue Brownie taken on Breadflake.

PB Dace- 14oz
Caught several big Roach upto 1lb 10oz 
Finally did it. 6lb 4oz and new PB



The forgotten Lakes
Boating Lake
Forgotten Lake


Zed head.
Toft Newton
Beach at dusk.
Purple dusk.
Purple dawn.

Pre- sunrise
Summer evening.
Pitsford dusk.
Thank you's

I would like to thank Big Catch Tackle in Chapel St Leonards and also Horncastle Angling Centre. Two great shops, I'm not sponsored so you'll get treated exactly the same as I do when when I visit either- fantastically. I'd also like to thank Neil at Tackle 4U in Skegness, great bloke. Tony at the Angling Times, Thank you. Some fellow anglers now- Local lads Paul, Chris, Gary, thanks guys. Two of my biggest blog champions Craig and Stuart, thank you. My good friend Benidorm Dave. All my friends at SHUK, what a fantastic group of guys, thanks for everything and long may it continue. All my blog readers, I hope I can keep you entertained for a few years to come, thank you for your support. Nearly done! I turned 41 this year so seems right that I thank my original fishing mentor.....

And finally, as ever, Mrs P. X

Happy new year all.

Till next time................