Thursday, 11 October 2012

September 2012

6th September 2012

Kirkby-on-Bain Fishery

I sneaked out of the house at around 4.30pm. Having only fished matches in the previous two months I was keen to get out and do a bit of pleasure fishing. Coupled with this Mrs P had bought me a new pole for my birthday that I just couldn't wait any longer to try it. I had set up the elastigate system in one of the top kits and ended up super glueing most of my fingers together. Basically a puller kit, I had never used one but was eager to try it out as soon as I had separated my digits.

I'd been to Kirkby-on-Bain fishery once before and done really well, catching lots of skimmers and also heard stories of some bigger resident bream. Rambler Rob had recently been and caught a couple of five pounders which was encouraging..

Pulling into the car park I was confronted with an impossibly long list of rules. Normally I don't entertain anywhere like this but I suppose the adjoining caravan site necessitates it. Gathering all my gear together I walked up the right hand side of the pond away as far away from everyone else as possible. I still ended up with someone opposite me but he was fishing his margin so he would not be a problem. A bit of a Shimano fan (I only use their reels) I had bought a Technium 13m pole last year. It has been really disappointing. Weak walls and a bit on the heavy side I think they really messed up with this model. Luckily the Beastmaster margin I got for my birthday is a different animal all together and I set it up to fish at about six metres. Shame then that my cupping kit of the Technium didn't fit. Never mind I cupped in four 250ml cups of groundbait and pellets with five sections of my old pole.

To cut a long story short my swim went mental. Bubbles everywhere! I fished paste to try and get the bigger Bream. I ended up catching lots of small skimmers and about six or seven small carp. "Have you stocked this place?" I asked the nice owner lady when she came round for the money. "No, the Carp have just bred naturally," she replied. Not sure if I believe her but she was very pleasant all the same and only charged me £3, which is good value. If you are looking for a few bites then this place could be for you, just don't expect to have it to yourself.
09 September 2012

The Secret River, Lincs
This is one I really wanted to tell you about. My favourite river. I took Mrs P and the Chaos twins over to the coast for a walk around the nearby nature reserve. It wasn't very dog friendly so we popped over to the River. The water was gin clear and the streamer weed glistened in the midday sun. It was everywhere and totally unfishable. The dogs played happily for a while and we decided to get some lunch. We drove down to Saltfleet and The New Inn which I can recommend highly for a Sunday lunch. On the way back I spotted a turning towards the river. We stopped just short of a small bridge and I got out. Mrs P soon joined me and we both peared down into the depths. The River passed under the bridge and it opened out below it. Thick rushes lined both sides and the water was deep. Too deep to see the bottom. I simply had to go back home and get my gear!
A quick trip to ever helpful Eric at Woodlands for some maggots and I was soon back to the spot at about half past five (a forty plus mile round trip). Only another angler would understand this. I eagerly threw a few maggots in and watched them fall through the water column. Something was attacking them about four feet down. I couldn't quite see what so I hurriedly set up a small waggler and made my first cast. The float had barely settled and It rapidly disappeared under the surface film. I struck and a small silver fish flashed as it made a bid for freedom. Bringing it to the surface a big Perch had a go for it. Slightly startled I examined my catch. A small Dace.
A few more micro Dace followed and then I had a rather strange bite. I struck into something more substantial but no fight was forthcoming. To my surprise the culprit turned out to be a crab! Being only about a mile from the Sea I suppose it was not that unusual. Strange to catch coarse fish and crabs in the same spot though. The Dace were becoming a pest and I was pleased when Roach came to hand. Not big but very welcome. A couple more followed and then the biggest shock of the day. The float buried and once again a fish was on. What the hell is this I thought as it careered all over the place. A Sea Trout! Again not very big but my first in over thirty years fishing.
I fished on as the the light faded in the hope of a Perch or two but they didn't show, just loads more Dace. What a fantastic little spot though and I am very much looking forward to going again. I'm not entirely sure what the fishing rights are. I suppose I should find out really!
What next then? Well I have one more match to fish this Sunday. I have a big gap on my bookshelf where the Trophy from my win last year sat so I would really like to get it back. Watch this space.
Till next time