Monday, 4 June 2012

May 2012 part 2


"Why the introduction Phil?" I hear you ask. Well I have something rather weird to try and explain before we continue. I was fishing a match recently and one of the guys rather magnanimously said the following-"I reckon you should take up match fishing seriously Phil cause I think you'd do alright". "I would" I said "but to be honest I don't really like it!"

I fished eight matches last month. Strange for a chap that doesn't really like them. So what is it that keeps drawing me back? Its expensive. You get told where to sit, often in an area you wouldn't have fished if you had a choice. Usually you'll sit enviously watching or at least aware of others catching fish. You can often have fish obviously feeding in your swim only to be told to stop fishing. I could go on. It goes against the grain for me on many levels. Sure, its nice to see and sit round a lake with friends and like minded people. The competition aspect is appealing to some but that's about all it has going for it.

I need to take you back. Five hundred years, a thousand, ten thousand. There is no Morrisons. You have to go out and forage or hunt or fish. Come back to your community or family with a big catch and you are a hero. You feel on top of the world. Worthy. Proud. Winning a match although by no means as important undoubtedly offers a similar set of emotions. It is the only explanation. Like an evolutionary ball and chain that I can't quite shake off

Partney Pit

Tuesday 1st, 8th and 15th May

Peg 22- Weighed 3lb odd off peg 22. The old bloke that battered me with Ide at Farlesthorpe in the winter drubbed me off the next peg again. Two of the three Spilsby superstars the other side of me didn't weigh to restore some pride. Who knew the crowquill avon fished shallow was the right method on the day?

Peg 17- Flyer! Got there and the platform was covered in bait, including some casters that were still fresh. Hooked four carp, landed one 4lb 8oz. About seven pound won it. Any of the three I lost would have been enough.

Peg 12- Was one to draw last year, done nothing in the first three this year. Weighed 5lb something for third. Sneaked some skimmers on the method casting right to limits of my swim towards peg 15.

And that was it. Unfortunately the pit is now closed as fish have been dying in alarming numbers. Now I didn't set this blog up to start arguments and god knows Spilsby AC has had more fall outs than one of Judy Finnegan's Bras but I will say this- Firstly a committee should be formed with people of differing views. That way any decisions get thoroughly debated and balanced arguments put forward from many standpoints. If everyone on a committee has the same opinions then it becomes rather pointless and ineffective. Secondly take two superstores, Tesco and B and Q. They are both full of stuff. Put five hundred people in each and see how long they survive. With a bit of ingenuity the people in Tesco's could all live for 10 years +. The people in B and Q would be dead within six months. Just because the weed you pull out of Partney is full of invertebrates etc doesn't mean it is edible. I have a lot more I could say but wont for fear of expulsion from the club or worse- an invite to sit on the committee.

On a positive note so many people care about the club and have so much passion for what they do I'm sure everything will work out fine in the end. Good luck guys, keep plugging away.

Toad Hall

Tuesday 29th May

Thursday 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st May

Peg 16- Weighed 20lb 12oz for fourth. Tony won with 36lb. Caught some decent Roach and Rudd that are now about three to the pound. Fantastic sport. First match and fish very naive.

Peg 16- Again! Weighed 14lb 8oz for forth. Fish had moved and I reluctantly ended up chasing them around the bay catching most in the last hour. Don won with magnificent 46lb of Roach and Rudd.

Peg 19- 17lb odd for forth again! Gareth won with some big fish off peg 16 to make me look like a tit. To be fair they simply weren't there when I drew it and I doubt they will be again in those numbers.

Peg 6- My worst match. 11lb 11oz for next to last. Rapidly losing interest/confidence/will to live.

Peg 6- Drew two days ago. Had little hope although Don and Derek were in tough pegs. "You'll win in tonight Tony," I said as he drew peg 1. I came second with 15lb 9oz! Put my earphones in and got my head down waiting for big fish. Lost none and had them bubbling like crazy in last ten minutes. Enthusiasm restored. Tony won with 17lb odd.

A big thanks must go to the fishery owner Vance who has agreed to take Spilsby matches there on a Tuesday at a ridiculously low price and also for managing a great fishery.


With all these pegs and weights etc I feel like I have cheated you out of the mystery and wonder of my usual fishing exploits. I promise to return to a certain amount of normality next month. I might even squeeze in a trip to somewhere new and I will also be looking back at some rather special catches I had at the end of last year.

Till next time